Widgets, Facebook Applications, and Social Media Integration

At Performant Design, we help clients leverage the power of social media to better engage their customers. We have developed various Facebook applications, iGoogle and OpenSocial Gadgets, and Ning network enhancements for our clients. A few examples of our work are detailed below.

Facebook Applications

World Conquest

Our first foray into Facebook applications involved the development and promotion of World Conquest, which is based on a popular board game. Players control territories, with the goal of “conquering the world”. World Conquest grew to 100,000 monthly active users, and was sold in January of 2008 to SGN, Social Gaming Network. Along the way, we learned a number of techniques for promoting a Facebook application and retaining an engaged audience. With tens of thousands of Facebook applications having been developed, this expertise is critically important to help your application stand out in a crowd.


GamerID411 is designed to allow gamers to easily share their gamer id’s and stats with one another. For example, a gamer can make their Xbox or World of Warcraft stats available on their profile. They can share their “Friend Codes” (a long series of digits) for their Wii games, like Mario Kart Wii, with one another to more easily connect with other gamers online. GamerID411 was developed for Geek Squad, a division of Best Buy, and it integrates the Best Buy Remix API to facilitate online purchasing of games.


Gadzooku is a derivation of the popular sudoku game. Instead of numbers, icons of pets are used. Friends can challenge each other to a game and see who gets the best time. A leader board tracks top performers. Gadzooku was developed for Gadzoo.com.

Sudoku for Facebook and Kakuro for Facebook

Sudoku for Facebook and Kakuro for Facebook bring the popular puzzle games of sudoku and kakuro to Facebook, and add a social twist. Play by yourself, or challenge a friend and see who gets the best time.

iGoogle and Open Social Gadgets

Geek Squad Remote Support

Geek Squad is now offering remote support. We worked with their team to develop a Facebook profile widget, iGoogle gadget, and OpenSocial gadget to promote the remote support service, and to identify which agents are currently available. The respective widgets and gadgets can be deployed to individual user profiles. In addition, the Facebook widget will be deployed to the Facebook fan pages to provide relevant, dynamic content.

Ning Network Enhancements


LegacyConnect is a service of Legacy.com provided to offer fellowship, wisdom and support after a loss. LegacyConnect is based on the Ning platform. We worked directly with Legacy.com to provide additional tools and features for their Ning-based social network. Enhancements included things like word filtering, internal RSS feeds for monitoring content, and co-branding for their network partners.

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